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Broncos Say No To Robert Griffin III But Show Interest In Johnny Manziel. Say What?

manziel-rg3How can you turn down Robert Griffin III, but still have interest in Johnny Manziel? (Sporting News)

The world champion Denver Broncos are obviously in need of a quarterback for the present after Manning’s retirement and their chase is leading them to look in all corners of the NFL.  They recently checked into Robert Griffin III and rejected him because of “character” questions.

Then according to reports, they checked into the availability of Johnny Manziel… yes Johnny Football.  I know RGIII has had his ups and downs in Washington and the size of his ego has been brought to question, but if Griffin is a character risk wouldn’t you automatically say the same about Manziel without having to look into it?

From my understanding of what has been reported, Johnny Football was under consideration after the Broncos had already said no to RGIII.  Not for long, according to another report, and not any more. But he was.

The guy who’s had more character issues in Cleveland than I can shake a stick at: going through rehab, being investigated for assaulting his girlfriend, the constant partying and other off-field activities, and who exacerbates the problems with his social media habits.  You’ve got to be kidding right?

Apparently not.  “Everything at quarterback is on the table for the Broncos. There’s not a quarterback that they wouldn’t consider right now,” Jeff Legwold said in an ESPN report on Thursday.

Wow is all I can say.

I really don’t believe calling Manziel should even be in your radar of possibilities if you’ve already made it clear that Griffin didn’t fit your standards for character.  Let’s get this clear, Manziel needs professional help at this point in his career, or lack thereof.

He needs to straight up, grow up, and start treating the few opportunities he has left in the NFL with the full respect they deserve.  Just because you had success in college doesn’t mean that it will translate into success at the next level unless you put in some serious work.

From what I can see from far away the mentality from Manziel has been that I finally made it, when it should be I have an opportunity and I need to work even harder than ever before to solidify and maintain it as long as I possibly can.  But who really knows what’s really going on with this kid.

Griffin on the other hand has his own set of issues that have been reportedly tied to his supposedly gargantuan ego and his inability to be humble, as if that is a requirement to be a good to great quarterback in the NFL.  Maybe to be a good to great teammate, but last I checked when healthy RGIII is a tremendous talent with still a ton of potential.

By the Broncos showing interest in Manziel following Griffin’s rejection, they are inadvertently tying these two athletes together into the same rejection box, which is extremely unfair to Griffin. No matter what sins Griffin might have committed while the Broncos were checking into him, RGIII still deserves more respect than that.