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Cartoon Donald Trump Spins His Falling Poll Numbers on Stephen Colbert’s Show

Stephen_Colbert_brought_out_cartoon-4b8d6bdbf1200987295b4716f29864fdStephen Colbert’s Cartoon Donald Trump tries to make sense of his falling poll numbers. (“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” CBS)

We love Stephen Colbert.  He just knows how to make things funny and drive it home in a way that most other hosts have trouble with sometimes.

Monday night he did it again.  The “Late Show” host tried to make sense of Donald Trump’s spin on his falling popularity scores, as the presidential primaries were set to take place on Tuesday.

NBC News reported that a recent popularity poll found that an average 30% of national respondents hold a favorable view of the Democratic frontrunner compared to 60% who hold a negative one. In Wisconsin, Trump’s popularity is a bit worse. In a state poll, 70% of respondents hold a negative view of the candidate.

“Well, that’s what they say about Trump,” Colbert joked. “Love him or hate him, statistically you probably hate him.”

Notice how Trump’s favorable poll number is 37% in large font, while his opponent Ted Cruz is actually higher at 38% in a smaller font below.

“While this does create the appearance that Trump is no. 1, it also creates the appearance that he doesn’t know how numbers work,” the late-night host pointed out.

And since Colbert feels like Trump is resorting to “almost cartoonish tactics,” the host brought out Cartoon Donald Trump to help explain the candidate’s take on the numbers.

When Colbert brought up that Trump seemed to be losing traction in Wisconsin, Cartoon Donald Trump disagreed.

“Look at the numbers, Stephen. Mine are clearly bigger,” the animated Trump said. “They’re huuuuuge. My numbers could crush Ted Cruz’s numbers in a pay-per-view fight in my Las Vegas hotel. The best buffet. So much shrimp, you’ll think you died and they threw your body into the ocean.”

After further probing, Cartoon Trump said he didn’t fear losing to Ted Cruz in Wisconsin despite what the polls said.

“I’m going to get the biggest votes,” he said. “I mean check marks so huge, you’re going to need two ballots just to fit it on there.”

“You can’t win an election just by increasing your font size,” Colbert responded, and later added, “Do you understand how numbers work? They have to get bigger as you count up.”

Cartoon Trump then showed Colbert how font size makes all the difference.  It’s a pretty funny segment if you like politics.

Watch the segment below: