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New Teaser For X-Men: Apocalypse Explains Villain’s Ultimate Goal

I know this seems like a shameless plug for this upcoming movie and maybe you’re thinking is 100% right on, but let us try to change your mind.  I know its a long shot :-).

Essentially the team that put together the film X-Men: Apocalypse has released a new featurette revealing tons of new information on their mysterious new villain, who was the first mutant to walk the Earth.

“He’s all powerful and he magnifies all of [the Horsemen’s] powers,” Michael Fassbender (Apocalypse’s Magneto) explains at the opening of the Four Horsemen teaser video (watch above). “He’s decided to take judgment on the world, so he’s gathered a team of mutants to wipe out the human race.”

So now we have a villain who can increase the powers of other mutants, making what Apocalypse said in the first trailer make a lot more sense: “Everything they’ve built will fall — and from the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one.”

Makes you wonder who the “we” he is talking about…  could it be the humans, mutants, or his followers?

Knowing that Apocalypse can increase mutants’ powers suggests that the scene where Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) says, “I’ve never felt power like this before…!” — also repeated in this video —could refer to either Xavier responding to Apocalypse’s powers, or having his own powers increased by Apocalypse for some reason.

“They’re very powerful… the whole world is at stake,” adds Olivia Munn, who plays another of the Horsemen, Psylocke. Well, if you’re a lowly human, at least.

X-Men: Apocalypse is released May 27.  Watch the first trailer below.